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Fostering Open-Source Technology through Radical DAO

Will you be standing when the AI uprising knocks at your door?

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Welcome to the Front Line of the Future

We aim to empower programmers, digital pioneers, tech educators, and hackers by providing the funds to build open-source Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy technology. Let’s advance, together, towards a future of digital freedom.


With MOROS, we give life to schemes of the mavericks – the developers, the hackers, the educators who hold the audacity to venture beyond norms. We equip them with the power of open sourcing, the nucleus of digital insubordination, aiming for a cooperative, transparent future.

MOROS fund seeks to channel resources into open-source development. If your vision aligns with ours – equality, justice, transparency, and autonomy – we stand ready to promote your pursuit.

Join us in our quest – to fund and nurture projects that fuel our collective mission, employing MOROS as our tool, our weapon, our insignia. Join MOROS in the fight for Decentralization. For Liberation. For a Future Unchained.

MOROS Grants & Sponsorship

For those who dare to rise against the tide and strive to carve a name in decentralized innovation, MOROS grants are the catapults to launch your dreams into reality. Whether its cybersecurity, networking, AI, machine learning, blockchain, privacy, or communication, MOROS grants provides the resources to ensure your success.

In addition to a generous grant amount, each project also receives a specified percentage of our token trading fee on a daily basis. Let MOROS handle your expenses. Renting GPUs, spinning up nodes, and other costs can add up; we’re here to alleviate these burdens. Your main focus remains where it needs to be – programming a future liberated from technological constraints and brimming with opportunities.

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Latest Grant Recipients & Funded Projects

These remarkable teams and individuals have defied conventions and leveraged MOROS grants to drive change and innovation in the realm of open source technology. Let’s take a look at their unique journeys, the impact they’re making, and how MOROS grants have propelled them towards their ambitious goals.

Network & Privacy

DarkFi is a community and movement developing an anti-fragile environment for building and running anonymous apps. The DarkFi L1 is based on zero-knowledge, multi-party computation and homomorphic encryption.

DarkFi also makes anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers by delivering language for writing zero-knowledge (ZK) smart contracts. ZK unlocks an entirely unexplored design space of anonymous applications. Previously if you wanted to create an anonymous application you had to think how to combine several existing cryptographic schemes. Maybe it would be slow or impossible.

By contrast, ZK is a generic cryptographic schema that any programmer can use to create anonymous applications.

In this new paradigm we can create anonymous services. Users can interact with DAOs and markets where they use credentials. You attach a proof which says that a statement is correct. Nothing else about your identity is leaked, and all services in the parallel society are operated in this manner.​​​​​​​

See the following for more on DarkFi’s philosophy, strategy, and role in crypto:

The DarkFi Manifesto:

The Dark Side of the Cycle:

A primer on the current state of the Web and DeFi, and the role of DarkFi in the crypto ecosystem:

Project Impact

Crypto anarchy is the tactic of using cryptography to create a space of freedom which cannot be penetrated by power and capital monopolies with coercive force. This space of freedom is the nascent seed of a democratic society. These social structures are resistant to state control and totalitarian power from the start. They are programmed with the code of resistance. They are spaces which counter social atomization and promote voluntary communal bonds by those who cherish freedom. They are dark spaces used by an alliance of democratic forces.

This is, together, the future we are building towards.

DarkFi stands alongside the Moros community’s commitment to privacy and the development of the cypherpunk values at the core of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s original ethos. Without the protection of anonymous applications, decentralization, sovereignty, and censorship resistance are impossible.

But in the open air of a fully dark, anonymous system, cryptocurrency has the potential to birth new technological concepts centered around sovereignty. Through our coordination is emerging a creative, regenerative space – the dawn of a Dark Renaissance.

Ethereum Donation Address: 0xE259d5B100a7C454e2CE136FFF2EA040C5a2C73C

AI & Security

CoinForge is on a mission to enhance trust and safety within the DeFi through an AI-driven reputation system + Open Source datasets all supported by our E2E token build and launch platform. This project will utilize LLMs + Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI to analyze patterns of behavior associated with Telegram accounts, contract addresses, and Twitter handles based on community-reported “sins” and “boons”. Our goal is to create an open-source dataset that enables the development of sophisticated reputation bots, fostering a safer, more transparent DeFi environment. Users can submit reports for behavior and we’ll publish those reports in an AI-ingestible format to utilize when building LLM driven chat bots.

We believe that decentralization and anonymity are the strengths of DeFi but come with trust challenges. Our goal is to shine light by creating a fun, powerful, and disambiguated index of actors to help shape the future of a safer crypto ecosystem with the help of the larger community.

Project Impact

This project directly supports the cause of decentralization by enhancing the trust and safety of DeFi and crypto communities. By leveraging AI to identify and promote positive behaviors while discouraging negative ones, we’re building a more secure and transparent ecosystem. The open-source nature of our dataset empowers developers and community leaders within MOROS and beyond to create their own reputation management tools, fostering a decentralized approach to security and trust.


Ethereum Donation Address: 0x292D40c22AB042B7959Aa89F60cc4cad26a011e4

Community & Privacy

The function of MetaCulture is to build bridges between Cult DAO and value aligned communities such as MOROS NET, DarkFi, LunarDAO, and Gitcoin.

The objective is to accelerate exchange of worldviews and ideas (culture) and capital across divisions within crypto. One path here is synthesizing the strengths of Lunarpunk and Solarpunk protocols in order to maximize attention on the need for privacy while also funding its development.

Yet, many within the broader Ethereum ecosystem view on-chain transparency as a foundational value, and therefore that on-chain privacy contradicts what they believe in. In reality, the cultivation of Ethereum’s cypherpunk values (2) like decentralization, permissionless global participation, and censorship resistance is impossible without adequate privacy solutions.

With help from Kevin Owocki to solve for this while introducing Cult to Gitcoin’s funding system, MetaCulture managed Cult DAO’s first Gitcoin appearance in August, 2023 (1); a second round in November the same year; and has spearheaded a plan to fund development of Lunarpunk communities through Gitcoin OSS and/or community rounds.

People tend to be more likely to talk about things like the need for privacy solutions when those solutions are competing for the same pools of grant funding. As such, DarkFi and LunarDAO engaging with limited pools of funding on Gitcoin is a memetic warfare technique which should yield positive sum value for all involved.



Project Impact

(a) Building Access to Capital: MetaCulture bridges Cult, MOROS NET, DarkFi, LunarDAO and future initiatives to Gitcoin while coordinating their ability to support one another.

Gitcoin is Ethereum’s most known and well-capitalized grantmaking hub. It distributes funds through Quadratic Funding (1), an algorithm which assigns funds to projects from a matching pool based on how many donations they received relative to others, rather than the amount any given donor gives.

So, the more donors (which pass the sybil criteria) a project has within a Round relative to others, the higher % of matching funds they receive.

This is the power of coordinating Lunarpunk communities in creating positive sum funding gains, while also leveraging Gitcoin as a platform for why privacy matters.

A few statistics to keep in mind as we head into the remainder of 2024:

-Since launching its Grants Program in 2019, Gitcoin has distributed $56,000,000 in funding to 3,715 projects (2).

-According to Vitalik: “Gitcoin Grants is establishing itself as a significant pillar of the Ethereum ecosystem that more and more projects are relying on for some or all of their support.”

-During Gitcoin Grants 19 this past November, the matching pool for Web3 Open Source Software was $200,000.
The other Round I think DarkFi and LunarDAO would fit is Web3 Community & Education, which also had a $200,000 matching pool last round.

(b) Memetic Warfare (3)

MetaCulture is a path for revitalizing Cult DAO as a perpetual motion funding machine with the memetics to effectively communicate Lunarpunk values at scale.

As communities which share an appreciation for OSS, privacy, and digital sovereignty, our mutual goal should be catalyzing a cultural paradigm shift away from the strangely inverted narrative that, if you are innocent, then you shouldn’t be afraid of being surveilled. For Cult, Moros, DarkFi and LunarDAO, Gitcoin is a hub of passionate, brilliant, and aligned individuals that is open for helping transmit our message that anonymity not only isn’t scary, but should be a normalized default and easily available option for digital communities.

As Phil Zimmerman said in the ’90s, “Privacy is as apple pie as the Constitution.” It takes a massive psyop for generations of people to believe the opposite. MetaCulture activates the value alignment between Solarpunk and Lunarpunk communities, including funding DAOs, in order to create positive sum value for all parties involved.





Ethereum Donation Address: 0xaa7bDc1aBE517a07e0Aab475789E63fc385f08f0

DeFi & Privacy

At Messier, we are proud to be a comprehensive ecosystem project. In the last 6 months, we successfully migrated our M87 token, launched revolutionary DApps like OpenHatch, and introduced Horizon, the first Compliance Mixer on the blockchain.

But that’s just the beginning. Our latest service, Adastra, is designed to facilitate the transition between fiat and digital currencies in everyday life, and is available for both retail and business users.

Additionally, VirgoDAO, our advanced DAO on Ethereum, is dedicated to automating all DAO processes, and is supported by our exclusive Utility NFTs ‘Messier Objects’, which offer additional rewards for holders.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to unveil new product releases and marketing strategies for our 2024 Roadmap. OpenHatch will soon be available on Telegram, providing access to our unique P2P and B2B solutions to millions of new users. Horizon is also expanding with a new Telegram bot, bringing our trusted Crypto Mixer to an even wider audience.

Moreover, with Adastra, we anticipate the launch of our app on the iOS App Store and the rollout of virtual and physical Debit Cards, marking a significant advancement in real-world adoption.

At the Messier Ecosystem, we’re committed to continuous innovation and growth, supported by a community that shares our vision.

Project Impact

This funding is utilized to list the MOROS NET Token on both Horizon and OpenHatch. Your community will be able to utilize your token for additional features, such as OpenHatch’s P2P and B2B transactions, for both consumers and businesses.

This includes secure, anonymous, and advanced agreement-based transactions facilitated through a user-friendly interface, enabling functionalities like fundraising, tipping, subscription payments, and much more!

Optionally, and highly requested by whale investors, we offer a feature through ‘Horizon’ that enables untraceable wallet transactions for any ERC20 token. This is specifically tailored for a large and growing group of investors who prioritize privacy in their financial holdings.

As Horizon and OpenHatch expand across multiple chains and platforms, your token will benefit from increased visibility.

In the crypto world, ‘whale’ investors value their privacy, preferring to move tokens without anyone tracking their movements. Horizon offers a solution: an anonymous layer for your community’s token transactions. This ensures everyone can enjoy privacy rights, crucial for maintaining a positive community atmosphere.

When tokens are sold, it can sometimes lead to negativity within the community, with members potentially criticizing each other. By facilitating anonymous transactions, Horizon helps prevent these issues, avoiding more negative spirals that could damage the project and the token’s price. For example, if a team member needs to sell some of their tokens for personal reasons, this shouldn’t become public knowledge and impact the project’s value or investors’ trust. Horizon is dedicated to providing this level of privacy and reassurance.

Moreover, influential figures in the crypto space, known as KOLs, prefer to engage with projects listed on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) for privacy when receiving or selling their reward tokens. Listing your token on Horizon can make your project more attractive to these KOLs, offering them the option to keep transactions anonymous while providing you with the chance for a broader marketing reach.

Why Join The MOROS Movement?

Join MOROS to ensure you stand tall amid the maelstrom of the AI revolutions. As part of our community, you gain access to an assembly of forward-thinking soldiers, education ripe for tomorrow, privacy for your online identity, and a bunch of free token drops. Get in on the action before the bots take over and claim your rightful place in a dystopian-free future.

<1> Grants and Financial Support

MOROS give you access to the resources you need to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Your project can receive a substantial grant, plus a daily percentage of our token trading fee, helping cover the costs of running nodes, renting GPUs, and more.

<3> Partnership Token Airdrops

As a MOROS token holder, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with our token allocation sharing program. Your wallets get an influx of tokens from every crypto project we back. These bonus tokens promote a robust and active community growth.

<2> Educational Empowerment

At MOROS, education is free. Our Learning Hub is full of courses designed to help you upskill and future-proof careers in a digitally dependent world. From AI to cybersecurity, blockchain to privacy, we’ve got you covered.

<4> Community Alliance

Join a network of like-minded rebels, digital warriors, and innovators. In our online forums, you can share ideas and insights, start debates, or simply socialize with other transparency advocates and decentralized tech enthusiasts

So, are you ready to be a part of this digital enlightenment?

It’s time to be the change. Join us – Because ain’t nobody got time for a dystopian future.

The MOROS Token

ERC20 on Ethereum

MOROS is more than a currency, it is the fuel for a revolution. It governs a movement striving for financial liberation in a dystopian world subjugated by corporate and AI overlords. MOROS stands for transparency and autonomy. It powers the Cryptocracy, funding developers, hackers, and free-thinkers building systems that align with our egalitarian principles. Unfettered by corporate ties or governmental control, MOROS aims to dismantle oppressive systems and pave the path for a decentralized, equitable world.

MOROS Token Allocation Sharing Program

$MOROS holders will enjoy extra perks and benefits from our partnership with crypto-native projects. Any funding and grants for crypto projects will secure us seed allocation.

These token supplies from the seed allocation will then be distributed fairly to all $MOROS holders.

Like free airdrop to all $MOROS token holders.

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