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Fostering Open-Source Technology through Radical DAO

Will you be standing when the AI uprising knocks at your door?

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Welcome to the Front Line of the Future

We aim to empower programmers, digital pioneers, tech educators, and hackers by providing the funds to build open-source Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy technology. Let’s advance, together, towards a future of digital freedom.


With MOROS, we give life to schemes of the mavericks – the developers, the hackers, the educators who hold the audacity to venture beyond norms. We equip them with the power of open sourcing, the nucleus of digital insubordination, aiming for a cooperative, transparent future.

MOROS fund seeks to channel resources into open-source development. If your vision aligns with ours – equality, justice, transparency, and autonomy – we stand ready to promote your pursuit.

Join us in our quest – to fund and nurture projects that fuel our collective mission, employing MOROS as our tool, our weapon, our insignia. Join MOROS in the fight for Decentralization. For Liberation. For a Future Unchained.

MOROS Grants & Sponsorship

For those who dare to rise against the tide and strive to carve a name in decentralized innovation, MOROS grants are the catapults to launch your dreams into reality. Whether its cybersecurity, networking, AI, machine learning, blockchain, privacy, or communication, MOROS grants provides the resources to ensure your success.

In addition to a generous grant amount, each project also receives a specified percentage of our token trading fee on a daily basis. Let MOROS handle your expenses. Renting GPUs, spinning up nodes, and other costs can add up; we’re here to alleviate these burdens. Your main focus remains where it needs to be – programming a future liberated from technological constraints and brimming with opportunities.

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Grant Recipients & Funded Projects

These remarkable teams and individuals have defied conventions and leveraged MOROS grants to drive change and innovation in the realm of open source technology. Let’s take a look at their unique journeys, the impact they’re making, and how MOROS grants have propelled them towards their ambitious goals.

AI & Machine Learning

Close your eyes and envision a future where the lines between reality and virtuality blur. Imagine stepping into a world where the virtual realities aren’t just confined to screens, but rather a tangible reality that can be accessed through an index. This is the future of our world, where we can prompt possible realities like we do Midjourney, and actively take steps towards realizing them. With the rapid development of technology, the world has witnessed a significant shift in the way we interact with the digital world.

Blockchain and virtual reality have emerged as two of the most promising technologies that have the potential to transform the way we work, play and interact with each other. But, what if we could take it a step further? What if we could create a world where humans and machines collaborate, pushing the boundaries of innovation and paving the way for new possibilities? The Roko Network is the answer.

The Roko Network is a deep tech research and development protocol that aims to create a self-organizing human machine network that leverages cutting-edge technologies to bring together humans and machines towards a common goal. Get ready to witness the future of technology, where anything is possible, with the Roko Network leading the way.

Project Impact

The ROKO NETWORK project is poised to make a significant impact on the cause of decentralization and provide numerous benefits to the MOROS community.

By leveraging a decentralized network, ROKO NETWORK will contribute to the resilience and robustness of digital infrastructure. This aligns with the core values of MOROS NET, as it reduces reliance on centralized entities that can be points of failure or control.

Innovation in Human-Machine Collaboration: The project’s focus on creating a self-organizing human-machine network will push the boundaries of collaborative innovation. This will not only benefit the MOROS community by providing new tools and systems for decentralized operations but also by setting a precedent for future projects that aim to merge human ingenuity with machine efficiency.

Education and Research: The deep tech research and development aspect of ROKO NETWORK will serve as a knowledge hub for the MOROS community. It will provide educational resources and research findings that can empower individuals to understand and contribute to the field of decentralization.


The Other Party is building the infrastructure to allow the public to self govern by proposing, voting and implementing their own policies.

These policies will forever be enforced due to The Other Party’s first act upon reaching parliament being; to bind our representatives by law to the outcomes of the decisions reached by their constituents

Project Impact

It’s time for change. It’s time to question why we still rely on a system that was designed for a bygone era. In today’s world, where technology has connected us in unprecedented ways, there’s no reason why every individual shouldn’t have a direct say in the policies and decisions that impact their lives.

At The Other Party, we’re not just pointing out the flaws in the system – we’re offering a solution. Join us in our mission to bring about a true, direct democracy where power is returned to the people.

Education & Community

We are designed for developers to step into blockchain DAPP development, where they can learn DeFi, NFT, DAO projects. Established over two years ago, received funding three times from the Ethereum Foundation.

We’ve crafted comprehensive learning roadmaps for both DeFi and ZK for web3 developers, providing valuable guidance for their journey into blockchain development. On our GitHub, we’ve garnered over 4.3K stars and 1.1K forks, Our YouTube channel boasts more than 4.2K subscribers.

Project Impact

We’ve garnered over 4.3K stars and 1.1K forks on Github, our YouTube channel boasts more than 4.2K subscribers. Three times grants from Ethereum Foundation. Other grants from Scroll, Loopring, Mina, Optimism, etc.

AI & Machine Learning

Continued research and development into a series of efforts which have produced a measurable gain in the heightened quality of Local LLMs, and development towards a more accessible ecosystem for user development and curation of their own personal models.

To allow for a fully automated user curated cycle of training and dataset generation on affordable local hardware of a model which can hear, see, and read the users inputs locally and respond in kind with the same level of understanding and expressiveness that the user can.

Project Impact

Multimodality is oncoming, this project may be the first or one of the first but the margins wont be giant, the opportunity that this project presents for the decentralization cause is that it instantiates a standard for this type of communication to be done locally, and not over an API. Data provenance is important. Keep it, store it, dont share it, package it, clean it, and sell it. If were lucky enough people recognize the value of their data that the market demand takes care of us and both utility and money can be generated in a private way, where human generated data is only given consensually, and compensated fairly.

Why Join The MOROS Movement?

Join MOROS to ensure you stand tall amid the maelstrom of the AI revolutions. As part of our community, you gain access to an assembly of forward-thinking soldiers, education ripe for tomorrow, privacy for your online identity, and a bunch of free token drops. Get in on the action before the bots take over and claim your rightful place in a dystopian-free future.

<1> Grants and Financial Support

MOROS give you access to the resources you need to turn your innovative ideas into reality. Your project can receive a substantial grant, plus a daily percentage of our token trading fee, helping cover the costs of running nodes, renting GPUs, and more.

<3> Partnership Token Airdrops

As a MOROS token holder, you’ll enjoy the benefits that come with our token allocation sharing program. Your wallets get an influx of tokens from every crypto project we back. These bonus tokens promote a robust and active community growth.

<2> Educational Empowerment

At MOROS, education is free. Our Learning Hub is full of courses designed to help you upskill and future-proof careers in a digitally dependent world. From AI to cybersecurity, blockchain to privacy, we’ve got you covered.

<4> Community Alliance

Join a network of like-minded rebels, digital warriors, and innovators. In our online forums, you can share ideas and insights, start debates, or simply socialize with other transparency advocates and decentralized tech enthusiasts

So, are you ready to be a part of this digital enlightenment?

It’s time to be the change. Join us – Because ain’t nobody got time for a dystopian future.

The MOROS Token

ERC20 on Ethereum

MOROS is more than a currency, it is the fuel for a revolution. It governs a movement striving for financial liberation in a dystopian world subjugated by corporate and AI overlords. MOROS stands for transparency and autonomy. It powers the Cryptocracy, funding developers, hackers, and free-thinkers building systems that align with our egalitarian principles. Unfettered by corporate ties or governmental control, MOROS aims to dismantle oppressive systems and pave the path for a decentralized, equitable world.

MOROS Token Allocation Sharing Program

$MOROS holders will enjoy extra perks and benefits from our partnership with crypto-native projects. Any funding and grants for crypto projects will secure us seed allocation.

These token supplies from the seed allocation will then be distributed fairly to all $MOROS holders.

Like free airdrop to all $MOROS token holders.

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