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Fostering Open-Source Technology through Radical DAO

Will you be standing when the AI uprising knocks at your door?

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Welcome to the Front Line of the Future

We aim to empower programmers, digital pioneers, tech educators, and hackers by providing the funds to build open-source Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and privacy technology. Let’s advance, together, towards a future of digital freedom.


With MOROS, we give life to schemes of the mavericks – the developers, the hackers, the educators who hold the audacity to venture beyond norms. We equip them with the power of open sourcing, the nucleus of digital insubordination, aiming for a cooperative, transparent future.

MOROS fund seeks to channel resources into open-source development. If your vision aligns with ours – equality, justice, transparency, and autonomy – we stand ready to promote your pursuit.

Join us in our quest – to fund and nurture projects that fuel our collective mission, employing MOROS as our tool, our weapon, our insignia. Join MOROS in the fight for Decentralization. For Liberation. For a Future Unchained.

MOROS Grants & Sponsorship

For those who dare to rise against the tide and strive to carve a name in decentralized innovation, MOROS grants are the catapults to launch your dreams into reality. Whether its cybersecurity, networking, AI, machine learning, blockchain, privacy, or communication, MOROS grants provides the resources to ensure your success.

In addition to a generous grant amount, each project also receives a specified percentage of our token trading fee on a daily basis. Let MOROS handle your expenses. Renting GPUs, spinning up nodes, and other costs can add up; we’re here to alleviate these burdens. Your main focus remains where it needs to be – programming a future liberated from technological constraints and brimming with opportunities.

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Latest Grant Recipients & Funded Projects

These remarkable teams and individuals have defied conventions and leveraged MOROS grants to drive change and innovation in the realm of open source technology. Let’s take a look at their unique journeys, the impact they’re making, and how MOROS grants have propelled them towards their ambitious goals.

Cybersecurity & Community

The Malaysia Cybersecurity Camp (MCC) is a project by Rehack Consultancy (under their re:educate program) aimed at identifying local cybersecurity talent, particularly students from universities, polytechnics, high schools, and other relevant academic institutions. This is an onsite, closed event where 30 selected students will attend a 4-day and 3-night camp at the event location.

They will have the opportunity to participate in high-quality workshops led by cybersecurity professionals who have been selected based on their contributions and achievements in the industry. The event will also focus on teaching the selected students to become more independent in their self-learning of cybersecurity topics, to increase their confidence in public speaking, and to develop leadership skills so that they can lead their local cybersecurity chapter at their institution.

The selected students will receive ongoing support from the Rehack team, including career advice, skills improvement, and opportunities to showcase their knowledge to the public.

Rehack :

Project Impact

This project could have a significant impact by producing and identifying more talents in the cybersecurity industry, especially in Malaysia. With an increase in the identified talents, we can promote more cybersecurity topics, including blockchains, web3, cloud, AI, and others, as these topics have not yet been aggressively exposed to young talents.

Apart from nurturing talents, we are committed to helping them develop leadership skills and an empathetic attitude. This is to ensure that the future leaders who emerge from this cybercamp are not driven solely by fame or corrupted interests.

Ethereum Donation Address: 0x56C56D182A7bcf5f715895E297cC297BD862fA13

Community & Privacy

In an era where centralized authority increasingly threatens individual freedoms, surveillance and autonomy, the LunarDAO initiative aims to empower community leaders in creating online platforms that foster open, uncensored debate and knowledge sharing about the future of human-AI coexistence. By fostering a culture of open discourse and knowledge sharing, we aim to equip individuals and communities with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of human-AI coexistence. Together, we will explore the ethical, social, and technological implications of artificial intelligence, and chart a course towards a future where individual freedoms, privacy and collective well-being are harmoniously balanced.

Through this project, we will provide resources and support to community leaders as they build resilient digital infrastructures that are censorship-resistant, sovereign, and anonymous. These platforms will serve as incubators for innovative economic and political models that transcend the constraints of the nation-state, where individuals and communities can thrive without the heavy hand of centralized control and surveillance.

This project is a call to action for those who value autonomy, diversity, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. To create a decentralized ecosystem where ideas can flourish, communities can thrive, and the human spirit can remain unbounded in the face of rapid technological change.

Project Impact

We believe that the path to a self-sustaining, antifragile ecosystem lies in prioritizing technical excellence, practicality, and an uncompromising philosophy of freedom. Through our strategic investments in privacy projects and anonymity-oriented tooling, education & discussions, we aim to create value and empower developers, hackers, and educators with the power to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to build an antifragile ecosystem.

Through our mutual share goals and values on empowering individuals, communities, and developers to build decentralized, autonomous, and censorship-resistant infrastructures that challenge centralization and enable true digital freedom, sovereignty, and open knowledge sharing.



Poa, the Perpetual Organization Architect, is a friendly AI chat bot that simplifies the creation of and participation in fully community-owned organizations by leveraging decentralized technologies. We provide communities with all the tools they need to trustlessly manage treasuries, recruit collaborators, manage projects, and raise money without having to rely on middlemen or give up power to investors.

This tool is geared to all types of organizations: from student organizations running elections, activist groups, to fully decentralized, open-source software collectives. Poa is the first step in building a worker-owned economy which enables freelancers to use their skills where needed and get rewarded proportionally in pay and voting power for the value they create.

Poa supports the creation of complex voting, task management, and participation reward distribution systems with no code or governance knowledge necessary. All voting is based on participation and direct democracy meaning the community stays in control and no one can buy votes. This system puts workers and the community first, squashing authoritative exploitation rampant in the current economy.

See the following for more on Poa’s philosophy and strategy: ​​

Project Impact

Perpetual Organizations that are fully community owned and fully decentralized are crucial for protecting groups dedicated to pursuing goals that disrupt the mainstream. Organizations particularly vulnerable to sabotage currently either need to hide, be on the offensive, or compromise on rewarding contributors. Poa mitigates these risks by embedding democratic processes directly into the organizational framework and money management, making it virtually impossible for any single entity to exert undue influence or control. This protects the integrity and mission of grassroots movements, activist collectives, and other organizations committed to social change.

The impact of Poa extends beyond individual organizations. By demonstrating the viability and advantages of decentralized models, Poa inspires wider adoption of these principles, contributing to a more democratic, equitable, and decentralized society. The ripple effects of this shift have the potential to challenge and ultimately transform prevailing economic systems that are highly centralized and destructive.

With Poa, anyone will be able to create and begin digitally co-stewarding their community.


Network & Privacy

DarkFi is a community and movement developing an anti-fragile environment for building and running anonymous apps. The DarkFi L1 is based on zero-knowledge, multi-party computation and homomorphic encryption.

DarkFi also makes anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers by delivering language for writing zero-knowledge (ZK) smart contracts. ZK unlocks an entirely unexplored design space of anonymous applications. Previously if you wanted to create an anonymous application you had to think how to combine several existing cryptographic schemes. Maybe it would be slow or impossible.

By contrast, ZK is a generic cryptographic schema that any programmer can use to create anonymous applications.

In this new paradigm we can create anonymous services. Users can interact with DAOs and markets where they use credentials. You attach a proof which says that a statement is correct. Nothing else about your identity is leaked, and all services in the parallel society are operated in this manner.​​​​​​​

See the following for more on DarkFi’s philosophy, strategy, and role in crypto:

The DarkFi Manifesto:

The Dark Side of the Cycle:

A primer on the current state of the Web and DeFi, and the role of DarkFi in the crypto ecosystem:

Project Impact

Crypto anarchy is the tactic of using cryptography to create a space of freedom which cannot be penetrated by power and capital monopolies with coercive force. This space of freedom is the nascent seed of a democratic society. These social structures are resistant to state control and totalitarian power from the start. They are programmed with the code of resistance. They are spaces which counter social atomization and promote voluntary communal bonds by those who cherish freedom. They are dark spaces used by an alliance of democratic forces.

This is, together, the future we are building towards.

DarkFi stands alongside the Moros community’s commitment to privacy and the development of the cypherpunk values at the core of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s original ethos. Without the protection of anonymous applications, decentralization, sovereignty, and censorship resistance are impossible.

But in the open air of a fully dark, anonymous system, cryptocurrency has the potential to birth new technological concepts centered around sovereignty. Through our coordination is emerging a creative, regenerative space – the dawn of a Dark Renaissance.

Ethereum Donation Address: 0xE259d5B100a7C454e2CE136FFF2EA040C5a2C73C

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