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MOROS Grants Terms


Are you passionate about decentralizing AI? Do you have the skills and the determination to support humanity in an AI-driven world? Then, MOROS NET’s Grant Program could be the launchpad for your radical project.

MOROS NET, a grassroots movement striving towards a decentralized AI future, is a champion of innovation. Through our Grant Program, we provide financial support and a robust community platform for promising projects.

How It Works:

  1. Proposal Submission: The first step involves you submitting a comprehensive proposal for your project. This proposal is then vetted by our experienced team of moderators and administrators. Craft your proposal carefully, ensuring it communicates your vision effectively and professionally.
  2. Voting Process: If your proposal passes the vetting stage, it will be published as an official proposal on our official Snapshot Space here. Here, our vibrant community of forward-thinking members gets a say. It’s democracy in action for the AI age!
  3. Approval and Allocation: Projects that win the community’s vote will receive the funding promised. This grant money serves as a stepping stone on your journey towards changing the future.

How To Apply

To apply, fill out our proposal form HERE. You are required to submit all the following details for our consideration and vetting process.

  1. Project Title:
  2. Project Description:
  3. Objective(s):
  4. Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):
  5. Budget Breakdown:
  6. Project Timeline:
  7. Team Description (with prior experience and roles):
  8. Project Impact (how will it support the cause of decentralized AI and benefit the MOROS community)

What We're Looking For

Not every project makes the cut. We’re looking for projects where the team:

  • Has demonstrable experience in the relevant technology.
  • Possesses a working prototype of the project.
  • Submits a clear and detailed proposal of the project.
  • Shows a good community backing and is feasible from a technical and logistical standpoint.
Join MOROS NET, a movement that refuses to let the future just ‘happen’ to humanity. Apply for our Grant Program and be part of the solution. Let’s make the future worth fighting for!