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What's this whole MOROS NET about?

MOROS is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that aims to fund and support open-source developers, hackers, and educators in their journey of developing local AI, cybersecurity technology, privacy, DeFi and tech education. We are a community advocating for transparency, equality, justice, and autonomy.

What is the purpose of MOROS?

MOROS’s mission is to stimulate and quicken the progress of open-source development by providing the necessary resources and grants. We believe in openness and strive towards a cooperative and transparent future.

How can I join the MOROS community?

By browsing through our website, joining our Telegram and holding MOROS token, you can become a part of the MOROS community. As part of our community, you’ll have access to our resources, education, free token airdrops, and so much more!

Is our Rebellion against all AI and technology?

Nah, we ain’t technophobes. We are tech users who value human well-being over circuits and chips. We aim to use technology in a way that benefits us, not controls us.

What are the benefits of joining MOROS?

Being part of MOROS gives you access to a supportive community, free education resources, grants for your projects, and tokens from every crypto project we support.

What is the MOROS grant?

The MOROS grant is financial support we provide to projects that align with our mission. In addition to the grant amount, projects can also receive a daily percentage of our token trading fee (4% / 4% tax).

How can I apply for the MOROS grant?

You can apply for the MOROS grant through our website. We have a section dedicated to Grants & Sponsorship where you can find more information and apply.

Who can apply for MOROS Grants?

Any team or individual committed to working on projects that align with our vision of equality, justice, transparency, and autonomy, and are mainly focused on open-source AI, DeFi, cybersecurity, secure networking, and tech education can apply for the MOROS grant.

What is the MOROS Token?

The MOROS token is a governance token that fuels the MOROS ecosystem. It helps in funding the community, nurturing the projects, and stands for transparency and autonomy.

How can I get MOROS Tokens?

You can obtain MOROS Tokens by purchasing it on Uniswap, or by participating in our MOROS Community Scouts & Raider Program.

What is the MOROS Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is our platform for free education. It offers a variety of courses designed to equip you with the necessary skills of understanding digital literacy, critical thinking, basic coding, data literacy, and more.