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MOROS Grants & Sponsorship

Secure Networks for Free Speech Grant

Cybersecurity & Networking

Funding for open source initiatives committed to developing private, anonymized networks protecting user identities and ensuring freedom of speech.


Demonstrated experience in cybersecurity and networking. A commitment to open source and privacy standards.

Open Source Machine Learning Innovation Grant

AI & Machine Learning

Dedicated resources to assist and incubate initiatives focusing on creating open-source machine learning models or tools. Whether you’re devising cutting-edge algorithms, refining how models learn, or contributing to the understanding of complex ML concepts, this grant is for you.


Demonstrable experience and expertise in machine learning. A working prototype or proof of concept. Engagement with open-source culture and contributions to open-source projects.

Decentralization for Financial Freedom Grant

Blockchain & Finance

Support for projects dedicated to creating a transparent, decentralized financial ecosystem on blockchain technology, preventing corporate control of transactions and assets.


Knowledge in blockchain technologies and principles of decentralization. Track record of contributing to financial transparency.

Open-Source Privacy OS Project Grant

Operating Systems & Privacy

Resources for building a comprehensive open-source operating system focusing on privacy and security, enabling safe and unmonitored internet usage.


Proven experience in operating systems development and strong understanding of privacy and security standards.

Global Mesh Network Connectivity Grant

Networking & Communication

Funding for projects aiming to maintain global connectivity and freedom of communication even when conventional internet channels are at risk, via globally-spanning mesh networks.


Technical knowledge in networking and communications. Experience with mesh networks would be advantageous.

AI and Facial Recognition Safeguard Grant

Privacy & Security

Funding for teams dedicated to identifying and patching vulnerabilities in current AI and facial recognition technologies, to protect individual privacy and prevent misuse.


Experience in AI, machine learning, or facial recognition technology.

Tech-Education Empowerment Grant

Community & Education

This grant aids organizations offering valuable resources such as coding camps, workshops, online courses, and other tech-related educational activities at no cost to the participants. Your commitment to fostering a knowledgeable, tech-savvy community aligns perfectly with our mission, and we’re here to help fund and facilitate your noble cause.


Non-profit organization. Focus should be on providing free technology-related education, such as coding, data science, cybersecurity, AI, etc. Should have a demonstrable track record of successful tech education programs. A commitment to promote accessibility of education and inclusion.

Community Open Forums Initiative Support

Community & Education

Support for community leaders working to create online platforms for open, uncensored debate and knowledge sharing about the future of human and AI.


Demonstrated ability to build and manage online communities. Proven commitment to freedom of speech and respectful discourse.