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Poa (Perpetual Organization Architect)

Community & DeFi

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Project Details

Poa, the Perpetual Organization Architect, is a friendly AI chat bot that simplifies the creation of and participation in fully community-owned organizations by leveraging decentralized technologies. We provide communities with all the tools they need to trustlessly manage treasuries, recruit collaborators, manage projects, and raise money without having to rely on middlemen or give up power to investors.

This tool is geared to all types of organizations: from student organizations running elections, activist groups, to fully decentralized, open-source software collectives. Poa is the first step in building a worker-owned economy which enables freelancers to use their skills where needed and get rewarded proportionally in pay and voting power for the value they create.

Poa supports the creation of complex voting, task management, and participation reward distribution systems with no code or governance knowledge necessary. All voting is based on participation and direct democracy meaning the community stays in control and no one can buy votes. This system puts workers and the community first, squashing authoritative exploitation rampant in the current economy.

See the following for more on Poa’s philosophy and strategy: ​​


Full decentralization is our priority. We want to ensure that the created Perpetual Organizations can’t be stopped or changed by anyone but the community members.

Provide infrastructure for all types of Open Source projects to pay participants without compromising on open source values.

Enable rapid innovation in governance systems by providing extremely flexible governance tools.

Accessibility to non-technical users. We believe there is great untapped potential in recruiting non-technical activists and disruptors.

Create a new economy empowering workers instead of exploiting them by rewarding contributions with proportional pay and voting power.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

Check out our github here:

Technologies used:

– React/Next.js front end
– Fleek for decentralized hosting on IPFS
– The Graph for indexing blockchain data in a decentralized way (award winning subgraph)
– Sepolia testnet for current contract deployment
– Solidity for smart contracts

Budget Breakdown

50% of the funds will be used for the continued development of a full working beta and associated technology costs.

Upon completion of the beta, 50% of the funds will go towards marketing and onboarding after mainnet launch.

Project Timeline

Mainnet beta launch anticipated July 2024 before then we will focus on finishing the development process as well as recruiting a community of developers.

Team Background

Poa won best new subgraph at ETH Denver 2024

Hudson Headley – Chief Architect and Developer
Hudson is a DAO Developer with an educational background in Computer Science and Economics. He has two years of web3 development experience and has conducted philosophical research on distributed decision-making. During his time at the University of Kansas, he served as VP of Engineering at the University of Kansas Blockchain Institute.

Read more about Hudson at

Emma Nasseri – Community Builder and Developer
Emma is a web3 builder with a background in Computer Science and Visual Arts. She cares deeply about just, democratic communities and helping people feel like they belong. Her experience includes President of the University of Kansas Blockchain Institute, Program Director for the Kansas Blockchain Fellowship, and student researcher for an art project around themes of social justice, privilege, and digital ownership. She has two years of web3 development experience.

Read more about Emma at

Project Impact

Perpetual Organizations that are fully community owned and fully decentralized are crucial for protecting groups dedicated to pursuing goals that disrupt the mainstream. Organizations particularly vulnerable to sabotage currently either need to hide, be on the offensive, or compromise on rewarding contributors. Poa mitigates these risks by embedding democratic processes directly into the organizational framework and money management, making it virtually impossible for any single entity to exert undue influence or control. This protects the integrity and mission of grassroots movements, activist collectives, and other organizations committed to social change.

The impact of Poa extends beyond individual organizations. By demonstrating the viability and advantages of decentralized models, Poa inspires wider adoption of these principles, contributing to a more democratic, equitable, and decentralized society. The ripple effects of this shift have the potential to challenge and ultimately transform prevailing economic systems that are highly centralized and destructive.

With Poa, anyone will be able to create and begin digitally co-stewarding their community.


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