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Radical DAO for Open Source Developers — Join the Movement

Page 2 - Introduction

Introduction to MOROS: Radical Beginnings


  • MOROS is an innovative financial cipher designed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
  • Our vision is to empower the community of open-source developers, hackers, and educators by providing a financial tool tailored to their needs.
  • We focus on facilitating the creation of open source AI, cybersecurity projects and tech education, critical pillars in today’s tech-driven society.
  • By offering grants and consistent funding, MOROS aims to stimulate creativity and foster technological advancements.
  • Ultimately, our goal is forever to serve the diligent and the defiant, the skilled hand crafting keystrokes into code, and the visionary mind daring to dream of a decentralized digital future.

Page 3 - Our Mission

MOROS Mission : Our unwavering commitment


  • Channel resources: We aim to direct funds and support towards the growth and sustainability of open-source development projects.
  • Debunk myth: We want to disprove the belief that harmful or unethical actions are necessary for technological or financial progress.
  • Encourage openness: We foster commitment to a transparent approach, sharing knowledge, tools, and resources freely among our community.
  • Cooperative future: We envision a collective decentralized future, free from oppressive systems, where everyone can benefit from technological advancements.

Page 4 - Benefits of joining MOROS

Why MOROS : Benefits of joining our DAO


For Projects

  • Access to MOROS Grants: Revolutionary projects need fuel, and we provide it in form of funding. Fuel your vision with our grants that cater specifically to the needs of open-source developers.
  • Extensive Network of Like-minded Individuals: Connect, collaborate and create with a community that shares your passion for decentralization and innovation.
  • Financial Support for Project Expenses: We know that setting up nodes, renting GPUs and other project expenses can accumulate. That’s why MOROS is committed to support you financially, so you can focus on what matters – building the future.

For MOROS Holders

  • Free Educational Resources in our Learning Hub: Got a thirst for knowledge? Quench it with a wide range of courses tailored for the digital age – all for free.
  • Bonus Tokens Airdrop from Backed Crypto Projects: We believe in shared growth. When we back a crypto project, we secure a seed allocation of tokens which are then fairly distributed to all MOROS members.

Page 5 - Past Successes

Past Milestones : MOROS funded projects


Shoggoth Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer platform composed in C language that offers a secure space for developers to publish and distribute open-source codes, machine learning models, datasets, and research papers, with the aim to fight software censorship.
Alignment Lab is working on an ambitious project aimed at enabling a fully automated, user-curated cycle of training and dataset generation on affordable local hardware, allowing a model to interact with users’ inputs locally, and a vision of enhancing data privacy, recognizing the value of data, and promoting consensual and fair compensation for human-generated data.

Dapp Learning is a project aimed at aiding developers’ transition into blockchain DAPP development, providing comprehensive learning roadmaps and creating a platform for communication and cooperation, with over 4.3K stars on GitHub, 4.2K YouTube subscribers, and funded thrice by the Ethereum Foundation.

Page 6 - Future Endeavours

What's Next for MOROS : Where we're headed


  • Onboarding more key community leaders like Dapp Learning to reach a wider audience of developers working in DeFi & Web3
  • Building off-chain presence in tech hubs all around the world, starting with US & South East Asia before Ethereum DEVCON 2024.
  • Partnership with trusted DeFi projects and DAO through our grant Board of Advisor program to further decentralize our grant & treasury management.
  • Our future is filled with promising collaborations. We’re excited to develop fresh partnerships that will contribute to improving the services and experiences of the MOROS community.
  • Every new endeavor is another step forward in making MOROS an essential player in the open-source AI and decentralized tech world.

Page 6 - Get Involved

Join MOROS : Isn't it time to shift the paradigm?


  • Join the Movement: Become a part of our DAO and advocate for open source development.
  • Access to Grants: Use our financial support to fuel your innovative projects.
  • Learn and Grow: Benefit from our learning resources and expand your skill set.
  • Collaborate: Work with other talented developers and thinkers in our community.
  • Future Opportunities: Anticipate new partnerships and improvements designed to enhance your experience.
  • Create Impact: Make a real difference in creating a decentralized, egalitarian, digital world.

Alter the narrative. Transform the future.