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Shoggoth Network

Cybersecurity & Networking

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Project Details

Shoggoth is a peer-to-peer, anonymous network for publishing and distributing open-source code, Machine Learning models, datasets, and research papers.


The purpose of Shoggoth is to combat software censorship and empower software developers to create and distribute software, without a centralized hosting service or platform.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

Shoggoth is written in C programming language, with libraries developed by Shoggoth Systems. The Shoggoth network utilizes a novel peer-to-peer protocol to facilitate communication between nodes and clients.

Budget Breakdown

All funds will be used to maintain Shoggoth nodes, compensate developers, and organize bug bounties.

Project Timeline

A beta version of Shoggoth has already been released at . As Shoggoth is a lifetime project, new features and updates are released weekly.

Team Background

Shoggoth is developed by Shoggoth Systems, led by Netrunner KD6-3.7 (

Project Impact

Shoggoth, combining the features of GitHub and Huggingface in a decentralized network, fosters collaborative development and sharing of AI models, ensuring transparency and accessibility. Decentralization mitigates censorship risks, promoting free speech by preventing centralized control over data and models.

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