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The Other Party


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Project Details

The Other Party is building the infrastructure to allow the public to self govern by proposing, voting and implementing their own policies.

These policies will forever be enforced due to The Other Party’s first act upon reaching parliament being; to bind our representatives by law to the outcomes of the decisions reached by their constituents


At The Other Party, we are committed to revitalising the essence of democracy. We envision a future where every individual has an active role in shaping the policies and decisions that affect their lives. Our mission is to remove the barriers of traditional politics, ensuring that power is truly in the hands of the people. We champion the idea that the solution to many of our political challenges lies not in the hands of a select few politicians, but in the collective wisdom and will of the populace.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

We have built our infrastructure, proposal and voting mechanism on the blockchain. Hosting our technology on the blockchain means that every single vote, every single proposal, is recorded and stamped in real time, recording the votes and storing them in a completely transparent, decentralised and permissionless way. Every vote can be counted in real time by anybody. No need for mail in voting, no pencil and paper, no disputes of results or recounts, just pure incorruptible democracy implemented from the comfort of your own home.

Budget Breakdown

All funds will be used in the day to day operations of The Other Party.

Project Timeline

The Other Party aims to have completed all proposal and voting mechanisms by Q1 of 2024.

Team Background

The Other Party is founded by Dominic Ryder, founder and advisor to a multitude of other successful projects in the blockchain industry.

As a founder, advisor, and strong supporter of trailblazers, he has an unwavering passion for all things DeFi and macroeconomics. He was honored to be awarded Hackernoon’s 2021 Centralisation Vanquisher of the Year and 2021 Startup Contributor of the Year. He is determined to bring blockchain technology back to its roots and achieve full decentralisation.

Project Impact

It’s time for change. It’s time to question why we still rely on a system that was designed for a bygone era. In today’s world, where technology has connected us in unprecedented ways, there’s no reason why every individual shouldn’t have a direct say in the policies and decisions that impact their lives.

At The Other Party, we’re not just pointing out the flaws in the system – we’re offering a solution. Join us in our mission to bring about a true, direct democracy where power is returned to the people.

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The Other Party

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