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Messier (Horizon & Open Hatch)

DeFi & Privacy

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Project Details

At Messier, we are proud to be a comprehensive ecosystem project. In the last 6 months, we successfully migrated our M87 token, launched revolutionary DApps like OpenHatch, and introduced Horizon, the first Compliance Mixer on the blockchain.

But that’s just the beginning. Our latest service, Adastra, is designed to facilitate the transition between fiat and digital currencies in everyday life, and is available for both retail and business users.

Additionally, VirgoDAO, our advanced DAO on Ethereum, is dedicated to automating all DAO processes, and is supported by our exclusive Utility NFTs ‘Messier Objects’, which offer additional rewards for holders.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to unveil new product releases and marketing strategies for our 2024 Roadmap. OpenHatch will soon be available on Telegram, providing access to our unique P2P and B2B solutions to millions of new users. Horizon is also expanding with a new Telegram bot, bringing our trusted Crypto Mixer to an even wider audience.

Moreover, with Adastra, we anticipate the launch of our app on the iOS App Store and the rollout of virtual and physical Debit Cards, marking a significant advancement in real-world adoption.

At the Messier Ecosystem, we’re committed to continuous innovation and growth, supported by a community that shares our vision.


Our main goal is to create decentralized applications that will provide both consumers and businesses with tools designed to make cryptocurrency transactions more confidential, secure, and viable than conventional currencies.

The dapps that Messier creates, are aimed at the general public, but their specific use cases may vary. Generally, the main entities that will want to use our dapps are individuals or organizations looking to utilize decentralized applications for a variety of purposes within the field of financial transactions.

The specific use cases for dapps will depend on the nature of the application itself. For instance, Open Hatch might be used for peer-to-peer transactions, fundraising, or trading and services. while in the future The Explorer Platform within Open Hatch would emerge as a social media dapp that may be used for connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing content, and creating online communities.

There’s also Horizon, which is a compliant privacy-focused Dapp. In simple terms, it lets users make anonymous transactions. The main entities that might want to use Horizon are individuals or organizations that value privacy and want to keep their transactions confidential.

Traders who value their privacy and want to keep their trading activities private might find Horizon useful. Activists and politicians who care about their financial privacy might also fall into this category.
It’s possible that some protocols may use our dapps to enhance their existing capabilities or provide additional features to their users.

In the case of a blockchain protocol, Open Hatch could be used as a decentralized means of buying and selling goods or services, while Horizon would also be useful for other protocols. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs), for instance, might use Horizon to protect their users’ transactions while trading cryptocurrencies. DeFi protocols, on the other hand, may use Horizon to protect their users.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

Horizon is the first zk-SNARK Dapp offering compliant and anonymous privacy for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrency, while maintaining user anonymity, is available on Ethereum, BNBChain, Polygon, Optimism, and Avalanche.

OpenHatch is our first DApps that we’ve completely revamped with new innovative features for private and secure P2P and B2B transactions, including fundraising, tipping, creating payment subscriptions, etc., all worth checking out!

Adastra which will offer a broad range of services. To start, the non-custodial PoS payment app was launched in the Google Play Store for retail and business users who want to adopt the transition between fiat and digital currencies in their daily lives.

VirgoDAO and our 110 exclusive Utility NFTs ‘Messier Objects’. VirgoDAO is a next-generation DAO on Ethereum, the first to automate all DAO processes through advanced smart contracts, setting itself apart from 99% of all other traditional DAOs, which still heavily rely on manual and centralized methods for handling proposals, voting, investing, and reward distribution cycles. This DAO not only earns income from smart buy & sell token tax but also collects true utility generated by all Dapps, enabling new investments and realizing staking income for our M87 stakers.

Even the Messier Objects NFTs add utility, offering an extra distribution reward percentage just for holding one in your wallet. This comes along with a 4% resale fee that is generating more income for the DAO’s treasury.


At Messier, ensuring the highest level of security for our token and entire ecosystem is our top priority. To this end, we have engaged in multiple comprehensive audits in collaboration with renowned firms such as HashEx, SolidProof, Beosin, Aegis AI Security and CertiK. These efforts are aimed at reinforcing the safety and integrity of our token and ecosystem.

Our commitment to transparency and security is at the forefront of our efforts to serve and protect our users. We invite you to explore the detailed outcomes of these audits on this page.

Budget Breakdown

MOROS token will be listed on Horizon and OpenHatch. Both platforms offer unique utilities for your token and community to use. For Horizon, we can create a pool valued up to $20,000 for MOROS. There is not liquidity needed from your side.

A donation of 1 ETH will cover the testing and contract deployment for listings on both Horizon and OpenHatch. After the testing and contract deployments we have approximately 10-15% ETH left (depending on Ethereum gas costs), which we will donate to the treasury, with an mentioning and thank you to your project.

Project Timeline

Listing takes 1-2 days. After that we start with the following steps:

Official Announcement of Token Listing: Your token will be prominently announced as listed on X and Telegram, directly by our team, ensuring it gets the attention of our community.

Mention in Weekly YouTube Recap: Your project will be highlighted in our widely watched weekly YouTube recap show, providing significant visibility among our viewers.

Invitation to VirgoDAO Investment Talk Show: You will be invited to present your project at the VirgoDAO Investment Talk show, offering a platform to reach an audience of in average 150-300 people tuning in, as well as those who watch the session at a later time.

Example of our last Talk Show:

Visibility on Horizon and Open Hatch: As we continue to grow our user base on Horizon and OpenHatch we will also expand to new platforms (like Telegram), and MOROS will enjoy more visibility.

Team Background

Neo – Project Founder
Micro – Marketing & Communications
Kram – Community Leader
Alex – Host and Spokesman, VirgoDAO Investment Talk Shows
Stacy – Editor-in-Chief & YouTube

Project Impact

This funding is utilized to list the MOROS NET Token on both Horizon and OpenHatch. Your community will be able to utilize your token for additional features, such as OpenHatch’s P2P and B2B transactions, for both consumers and businesses.

This includes secure, anonymous, and advanced agreement-based transactions facilitated through a user-friendly interface, enabling functionalities like fundraising, tipping, subscription payments, and much more!

Optionally, and highly requested by whale investors, we offer a feature through ‘Horizon’ that enables untraceable wallet transactions for any ERC20 token. This is specifically tailored for a large and growing group of investors who prioritize privacy in their financial holdings.

As Horizon and OpenHatch expand across multiple chains and platforms, your token will benefit from increased visibility.

In the crypto world, ‘whale’ investors value their privacy, preferring to move tokens without anyone tracking their movements. Horizon offers a solution: an anonymous layer for your community’s token transactions. This ensures everyone can enjoy privacy rights, crucial for maintaining a positive community atmosphere.

When tokens are sold, it can sometimes lead to negativity within the community, with members potentially criticizing each other. By facilitating anonymous transactions, Horizon helps prevent these issues, avoiding more negative spirals that could damage the project and the token’s price. For example, if a team member needs to sell some of their tokens for personal reasons, this shouldn’t become public knowledge and impact the project’s value or investors’ trust. Horizon is dedicated to providing this level of privacy and reassurance.

Moreover, influential figures in the crypto space, known as KOLs, prefer to engage with projects listed on a Centralized Exchange (CEX) for privacy when receiving or selling their reward tokens. Listing your token on Horizon can make your project more attractive to these KOLs, offering them the option to keep transactions anonymous while providing you with the chance for a broader marketing reach.

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