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Network & Privacy

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Project Details

DarkFi is a community and movement developing an anti-fragile environment for building and running anonymous apps. The DarkFi L1 is based on zero-knowledge, multi-party computation and homomorphic encryption.

DarkFi also makes anonymous engineering highly accessible to developers by delivering language for writing zero-knowledge (ZK) smart contracts. ZK unlocks an entirely unexplored design space of anonymous applications. Previously if you wanted to create an anonymous application you had to think how to combine several existing cryptographic schemes. Maybe it would be slow or impossible.

By contrast, ZK is a generic cryptographic schema that any programmer can use to create anonymous applications.

In this new paradigm we can create anonymous services. Users can interact with DAOs and markets where they use credentials. You attach a proof which says that a statement is correct. Nothing else about your identity is leaked, and all services in the parallel society are operated in this manner.​​​​​​​

See the following for more on DarkFi’s philosophy, strategy, and role in crypto:

The DarkFi Manifesto:

The Dark Side of the Cycle:

A primer on the current state of the Web and DeFi, and the role of DarkFi in the crypto ecosystem:


The development of unstoppable privacy infrastructure for autonomous communities globally.

Currently DarkFi is optimizing and fixing bugs in new and existing L1 features. For updates and a complete list of outstanding development tasks see:

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

The DarkFi architecture is here:

If you want to hack on the source code, see the introductory advice at:

Budget Breakdown

Funds will be used for development of the DarkFi L1.

Project Timeline

DarkFi is in Phase 2 of mainnet development. In this phase, DarkFi works to improve, optimize and fix bugs in new and existing features. Prior to mainnet release, only minor changes will be made.

Here is last quarter’s development update:

Team Background

Amir Taaki is a researcher at DarkFi. He built Bitcoin’s first full alternative implementation, libbitcoin; the UK’s first crypto exchange and conference; and was an early proponent of truly anonymizing Bitcoin through Dark Wallet.

Rachel Rose O’Leary is a developer at DarkFi. Her background is in philosophy and digital arts, and she is formerly lead tech writer at Coindesk where she covered Ethereum and privacy tech.

The DarkFi team is also composed of anonymous developers.

Project Impact

Crypto anarchy is the tactic of using cryptography to create a space of freedom which cannot be penetrated by power and capital monopolies with coercive force. This space of freedom is the nascent seed of a democratic society. These social structures are resistant to state control and totalitarian power from the start. They are programmed with the code of resistance. They are spaces which counter social atomization and promote voluntary communal bonds by those who cherish freedom. They are dark spaces used by an alliance of democratic forces.

This is, together, the future we are building towards.

DarkFi stands alongside the Moros community’s commitment to privacy and the development of the cypherpunk values at the core of Bitcoin and Ethereum’s original ethos. Without the protection of anonymous applications, decentralization, sovereignty, and censorship resistance are impossible.

But in the open air of a fully dark, anonymous system, cryptocurrency has the potential to birth new technological concepts centered around sovereignty. Through our coordination is emerging a creative, regenerative space – the dawn of a Dark Renaissance.

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