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Education & Community

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Project Details

We are designed for developers to step into blockchain DAPP development, where they can learn DeFi, NFT, DAO projects. Established over two years ago, received funding three times from the Ethereum Foundation.

We’ve crafted comprehensive learning roadmaps for both DeFi and ZK for web3 developers, providing valuable guidance for their journey into blockchain development. On our GitHub, we’ve garnered over 4.3K stars and 1.1K forks, Our YouTube channel boasts more than 4.2K subscribers.


We hope we could not only give junior developers a feasible and easy-to-use blockchain DAPP learning roadmap but also present advanced developers with a platform for communication and cooperation. Help 50,000 developers onboarding web3.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

Hands on education for blockchain, finance, smart contract, cryptography

Budget Breakdown

$10K/1 year – for operating costs and official website server cost of next year

Project Timeline

Continue focusing on the development of eth2 and its layer2. Produce more code tutorials and technology sharing video.

Team Background

8 core contributors:
Yan – Founder, working in web3 industry more than 7 years and serving in top cex as web3 developer.
150+ contributors in our community

Project Impact

We’ve garnered over 4.3K stars and 1.1K forks on Github, our YouTube channel boasts more than 4.2K subscribers. Three times grants from Ethereum Foundation. Other grants from Scroll, Loopring, Mina, Optimism, etc.

Grant Sponspor & Partners

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