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CoinForge AI-Driven Reputation System + OS datasets for DeFi Security

AI & Security

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Project Details

CoinForge is on a mission to enhance trust and safety within the DeFi through an AI-driven reputation system + Open Source datasets all supported by our E2E token build and launch platform. This project will utilize LLMs + Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI to analyze patterns of behavior associated with Telegram accounts, contract addresses, and Twitter handles based on community-reported “sins” and “boons”. Our goal is to create an open-source dataset that enables the development of sophisticated reputation bots, fostering a safer, more transparent DeFi environment. Users can submit reports for behavior and we’ll publish those reports in an AI-ingestible format to utilize when building LLM driven chat bots.

We believe that decentralization and anonymity are the strengths of DeFi but come with trust challenges. Our goal is to shine light by creating a fun, powerful, and disambiguated index of actors to help shape the future of a safer crypto ecosystem with the help of the larger community.


1. To develop a comprehensive, AI-powered dataset for identifying and analyzing good and bad behavior patterns in the crypto community.

2. To publish an open-source dataset on GitHub for community use in developing reputation management tools.

3. To enhance trust and safety across DeFi and crypto communities, promoting a more secure investment landscape.

4. To exemplify good actors and to acknowledge bad actor in a anonymous-first community without doxxing identities.

Technical Specification (including tools and technologies to be used):

– Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) AI technology for dataset analysis.

– Telegram bots for community engagement and sin/boon repuation reporting.

– GitHub for open-source dataset publication.

– Centralized system for reporting that will be made OSS

– Training set formatted as a Q&A (similar to SQuAD).

– Open to community PRs.

Budget Breakdown

Software Engineering Cycles (1 year): $5,000
Cloud Hosted Hardware For Development (1 year): $5,000

Project Timeline

Month 1-2: Development of gamified sin/boon reporting mechanism and community engagement.

Month 2-3: AI training and dataset creation.

Month 3: Integration and testing of the reputation system.

Month 4-6: Publication of the dataset and launch of the open-source reputation bot.

Team Background

15+ years leading product, projects, and software teams.
2+ years leading AI at a notable tech company.
7+ years DeFi.
6+ years running a successful companies from an executive level.

Project Impact

This project directly supports the cause of decentralization by enhancing the trust and safety of DeFi and crypto communities. By leveraging AI to identify and promote positive behaviors while discouraging negative ones, we’re building a more secure and transparent ecosystem. The open-source nature of our dataset empowers developers and community leaders within MOROS and beyond to create their own reputation management tools, fostering a decentralized approach to security and trust.


Ethereum Donation Address: 0x292D40c22AB042B7959Aa89F60cc4cad26a011e4

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