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Coding for Curiosity: A Python Adventure

< Level: Intermediate >

Basic Coding

Welcome to “Coding for Curiosity: A Python Adventure” where we embark on a thrilling journey of exploring the world of Python, one of the most widely-used programming languages in AI and Machine Learning! As an intermediate course, we assume you have basic understanding of coding concepts and prepare you to dive deep into the practical and versatile applications of Python.

Chapter Breakdown

  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Python: Learn about Python’s history, its applications, and the reasons of its popularity in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Chapter 2 – Setting Up Your Environment: Get your computer ready with Python, and learn how to use an integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Chapter 3-10 – Python Basics: Including chapters on Variables and Types, Lists, Basic Operators, String Formatting, Basic String Operations, Conditions, Loops, and Functions.
  • Chapter 11-14 – Going Deeper with Python: Build upon basics, learn about Classes and Objects, Dictionaries, Modules and Packages, and File I/O.
  • Chapter 15-18 – Python Libraries: Dive into Python’s important libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib and Sci-Kit Learn and understand their utilities in machine learning.
  • Chapter 19-21 – Exception and Error Handling: Learn how to debug your code and handle errors and exceptions.
  • Chapter 22-24 – Databases in Python: Understand how Python interacts with database systems including a basic understanding of SQL queries and SQLite database.
  • Chapter 25-27 – Python in Web Development: Get an introduction to Python’s role in web scraping, Django for web development and Flask for creating web APIs.
  • Chapter 28-31 – Python in AI & Machine Learning: Delve deeper by implementing basic ML algorithms, get introduced to Tensorflow, Keras (Python libraries for deep learning), LLMs and understand the role of Python in Natural Language Processing and AI.

By the end of this course, you’d not only be fluent in Python, but you’ll know how to use it in diverse fields, significantly boosting your value as a tech-enthusiast or a programming professional. Let the Python Adventure begin!